Bus Locations and Leave times- for 2008:

I will have bus pick up locations in following towns: Marcellus, Howardsville, Lawton, Decatur and Paw Paw.
If your town does not have a scheduled pick up then you may need to travel a little ways to get to a town that does. 
Use the table below for the exact location and leave times.  Also note that these leave times may change a little
the closer we get to actually starting.

Location of Bus Pick up
Leave Time
Bus #1 Decatur Short Stop Parking Lot 5:55am
  Marcellus High School 6:25am
  Howardsville Township Hall
corner of M-216 and Creglow
Bus #2 Paw Paw Back parking lot of Family Fare Supermarket, behind Pizza Hut 5:55am
Bus #3 Lawton Wagoner's Grocery Store 6:10am

Make sure you are at your designated bus pick up location at least 5 - 10 minutes before the leave time given.
Buses leave exactly at the given times and note that some times a bus will be coming from another town first
before it may get to your bus stop.

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