Policy on Early Termination

All employees, regardless of number of years of previous detasseling experience, will be given
three days at the beginning of season to learn how to detassel corn or to relearn how the work
is done. After such time has elapsed an evaluation of each worker and their capability to detassel
will be done. The capability for detasseling corn means workers need to be efficient and fast,
as will be stated and demonstrated during those first three days. If the worker is unable by the
end of the third day to demonstrate their capability of detasseling the corn, this person will be
let go and encouraged to re-apply next year.

Throughout the course of the season, if a worker's detasseling performance declines and effort
put forth steadily decreases, then the worker will be let go.

Other causes for termination include the following: misbehaving or causing trouble on the bus,
doing something that is unsafe and could lead to the worker's own injury or someone else, fighting
or teasing, swearing or using abusive language and refusing to wear protective eye wear. This list is
not all-inclusive and other circumstances may result in termination. The complete list may be found
under the policies of Conduct/Behavior of an employee.


It is important to know that I want all workers to have a good experience in this job, not only
with the possibility of earning money and winning prizes, but also meeting and making new friends.
However, workers must realize that this is a job and an important one that must be done as quickly,
efficiently and safely as possible within the time frame set by Pioneer. The work can be hard at
times and easy at other times. Those who are able to make it through the first three days, will be
most likely to make it through the entire season.

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